Personalized Tic-Tac-Toe Gift Tag DIY

Posted on September 06, 2012 by Sarah Stickland

Special guest post by Alison the creator of The Petit Cadeau Blog 

Have you ever received a gift tag that can be used AFTER all the other gift wrap items are long thrown away? When I started brainstorming with Sarah a few months ago, we collaborated and came up with this fabulous DIY printable gift tag that turns into a game! It’s the perfect way to add something extra-special to a child’s gift.  

This tic-tac-toe gift tag is laminated so that each game can be “erased” and the tag used over and over again.  So fun!  


Gather your supplies:

• scissors

• colour printer

printable gift tag sheet

• individual self-laminating sheets (available at office supply stores and some dollar stores)

• one hole punch



 This free printable gift tag has several designs and colours to suit your gifting needs. 

To begin, simply print the templates provided.

Then, cut out the gift tags, folding in half on the line.  

Follow the directions for the self-laminating sheet. Peel back one side and carefully place your folded gift tag in the centre.  Gently lower the top half of the laminating sheet, smoothing as you go to ensure that you remove all of the air bubbles.  

Use a one-hole punch to make a hole for securing your gift tag with ribbon, string, or your fastener of choice.

As an added bonus, include a set of wipeable crayons.  Sarah has tested a variety and recommends Melissa and Doug learning mat crayons. 

The gift tag can be kept and used for mini tic-tac-toe games.  It would even make a perfectly sized travel game for the car!





Happy Gifting!

Alison is the creator of The Petit Cadeau Blog and shares weekly inspiration for thoughtful gift giving, including handmade gift ideas, and pretty ideas for DIY gift wrap and greeting cards.

You can also find Alison on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.  

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Wine Label Printable

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Sarah Stickland


The school year is just wrapping up and of course I am scrambling at the last minute for the perfect teacher gift. After consulting with a few friends, everyone agreed that a bottle of wine is the perfect gift!

I created these fun notebook inspired wine labels. Just download the PDF, print on an 8.5 x 11 label sheet, trim and attach to your wine bottle of choice. You can also print on a basic white piece of paper and glue it onto the bottle.

There are two versions. One with a message already written, or a blank version for you to personalize with your own message.





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Pirate Ship Printable

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Sarah Stickland


Fun for an everyday craft, or for a Pirate themed birthday party activity.

Supplies needed:

- Pirate Ship Printable
- scissors
- tape
- glue
- 1 straw

Step 1 - Download and print the Pirate Ship
The 2 page PDF includes 1 boat, a blue sail, a pink sail, 2 red flags and 2 eye patches.

Step 2 - Cut out pirate ship, 1 sail and 1 flag

Step 3 - Fold the pirate ship in half and glue, tape or staple the sides together

Step 4 - Cut along the 2 lines in the sail and slide onto the straw.

Step 5 - Tape the red flag at the top of the straw.

Step 6 - Cut to 1/2 inch slits at the bottom of a straw. Fold the straw out and tape to the inside center of the pirate ship.

Bonus - cut out the eye patch and punch two holes on either side, attach an elastic and instantly turn your child into a pirate!

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Personalized Alphabet

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Sarah Stickland

This adorable printable paper alphabet is the perfect way to personalize a child's room or even on top off a wrapped present. Best part is they are free! I found these on the digitprop website, pop on over and get your free download.

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