Pirate Ship Printable

Posted on July 25, 2012 by Sarah Stickland


Fun for an everyday craft, or for a Pirate themed birthday party activity.

Supplies needed:

- Pirate Ship Printable
- scissors
- tape
- glue
- 1 straw

Step 1 - Download and print the Pirate Ship
The 2 page PDF includes 1 boat, a blue sail, a pink sail, 2 red flags and 2 eye patches.

Step 2 - Cut out pirate ship, 1 sail and 1 flag

Step 3 - Fold the pirate ship in half and glue, tape or staple the sides together

Step 4 - Cut along the 2 lines in the sail and slide onto the straw.

Step 5 - Tape the red flag at the top of the straw.

Step 6 - Cut to 1/2 inch slits at the bottom of a straw. Fold the straw out and tape to the inside center of the pirate ship.

Bonus - cut out the eye patch and punch two holes on either side, attach an elastic and instantly turn your child into a pirate!

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