Graduation 2024


In just a few shorts days, my eldest child will finish her first year of Kindergarten. The school year has flown by. I can hardly believe it's almost over! When I think back to the beginning of the school year and up until now, so much has changed. The nervous energy we both felt those first few weeks of school is completely gone. All of the new faces became close friends. The strange routines and rules are now commonplace.

Somewhere (probably on Pinterest) I came across the concept of having your child's school teachers sign a book every year then give it to your child when they graduate high school. I loved the idea and it's been sitting in the back of my mind for months, so I decided to do it! Only a few days left of Kindergarten--it's now or never.

First, I had a decide on a book. There isn't one book that my daughter loves: she likes all books. In Kindergarten, all students were able to check out a new book every day, so every night before bed, we'd read a new book from the library. Each one completely different from the other. And each one loved. How do I go about choosing a book for her, to start this thirteen-year project?

I turned to Design Mom's Top 50 Picture Books list and went through each book one by one. Some jumped out at me because of the illustrations, others because they were meaningful to me as a child, but I didn't find my book until I got to the last one on the list, Zen Shorts. I knew instantly that was the one. It was one of the many books my daughter brought home from school this year and it stuck with me because of it's simple life lessons.

The perfect graduation gift for Grad 2024.

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